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South Street

About us

It is an urban atmosphere, something that reminds you of where you came from. Whether it is the brick walls covered in graffiti or one of the pop art paintings, something will trigger a response that makes you feel a little closer to home.

Along with that city vibe you feel as you walk through the front door, the incredible comfort food we serve is sure to make you long for the days when you didn't have to walk more than a few blocks for your favorite food. Whether it's the pizza made from dough prepared fresh daily, the authentic cheesesteaks, or the pastas covered in our own homemade sauces, We are confident you're going to find your favorite dish!

The name 'South Street' was inspired by the one of the most famous streets in Philadelphia, PA. Originally, in the 1950's, South Street was populated mostly by artists and musician types, making it the largest counter-culture neighborhood in Philadelphia. Into the 1960's, it became populated by bars and clubs, many promoting and supporting local live music. The street was strewn with local restaurants, pubs, second-hand clothing stores, tattoo parlors and street vendors. It has stayed this way for the last four decades, albeit with a little gentrification along the way. While there are South Street's in major cities all over the country besides Philadelphia, South Street is more of an idea than a specific place.